Mission & Vision

To know jesus and grow in relationship with him and others

We are...

  • A Bible-believing Church. We have as our authority the Word of God. our worship services, youth ministries, and bible-Study ministries are all designed to help you learn more about the Bible and how to apply its teachings to your daily life.
  • A Fellowshipping Church. The Church is a family. As brothers and sisters in Christ, covenanted together, we believe that is is important that we know each other. This is a church where we can laugh together, cry together, encourage one another, and lean on one another for support.
  • An Evangelistic Church. We believe that Jesus Christ is the answer for the words problems. In Matthew 28: 18-20, God gives the commands for His Church. It is our desire and mission to fulfill this Great Commission by witnessing and proclaiming the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Cornerstones core values

Jesus is our Message
Love is our Motivation
Prayer is our Priority
Worship is our Posture
People are our Focus
Discipleship is our Calling
Service is our Response
Generosity is our Privilege